Core Passion Assessment

Passion? Measured.


Watch Video – Taking the Core Passion Assessment

Activity #A1 – Take the Core Passion Assessment

Complete the following steps for the Core Passion Assessment.  Note that you will need about 30 minutes to complete the process.


  1.  Consultant.  If you are working with a consultant, they will send you an invitation email. Find your Core Passion Assessment invitation in your email.  Click the link to open a browser window and navigate to The system will have you register a new ID or login with an existing one. Be sure to use the same email address that received the invitation when you create your ID. This is how the system knows that you have paid.
  2.  On-line.  If you purchased the Core Passion Assessment on-line from our website, the system will have you register with an ID right away. After confirming your payment, you will see the MY CORE PASSION portal.  Click BUY NOW below to get started.



  1. My Core Passion.  After you buy and log in, the system brings you to the My Core Passion portal.  Look for the Core Passion Assessment logo on a colored tile on the top left of the page.  It says READY TO BEGIN.  Click MORE then on the right screen click BEGIN to begin the assessment.
  2. Logged out? Log back into and click NEXT on the home page to return to your MY CORE PASSION portal.


  1. Demographics.  Answer the demographics questions.  Your answers are kept private and used for research to improve the assessment.
  2. Statements.  The assessment has 240 statements for you to rate.  Note the audio buttons that will read the statement to you as well as the directions or other text on the page.
  3. Scale.  Select a rating response between 1 to 7 for each statement. Note that you need to click on a number to view the rating description. You can click on another number to view its description.
  4. Dictionary.  For each statement there is a dictionary meaning at the bottom of the page for your reference.
  5. Advance to next statement.  Click NEXT to navigate to the next statement.  After you click FINISH on the last statement, you will return to your MY CORE PASSION portal and the system will start creating your report.


  1. Report. The system tallies your results and creates a PDF report.  It will display a screen message showing progress.
  2. Download PDF.  The system will automatically download your report.  Check your downloads list in your browser or on your computer for the file.
  3. View and Print PDF.  Open the PDF to view your results. Be sure to print the PDF to use with your e-learning program.
  4. Print Later. If you want to print your report again or print it later, simply log into, click NEXT to go to your MY CORE PASSION portal. Now, click MORE on the Core Passion Assessment tile.  On the right side of the page (or below if you are on a mobile device) click on the REPORT button to download a PDF.


  1. Core Passion Profile.  This page has a multi-color bar chart with your scores.  The top five codes are the color bars, the rest are gray.  You will use this often as you work onCore Passion e-Learning programs.
  2. How to get the most out of this report. Page 2 of the PDF outlines how to work with all the information in this 21 page report.
  3. Core Passion Matrix.  This page lists all 12 Core Passion codes with their illustrations.  It is a good reference page to know more about the codes.
  4. Quick Study Guide.  This page lists all 12 codes and a summary of their meanings.  You will use this page often as you work on Core Passion e-Learning programs.