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Welcome to the e-learning program demo of MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing.  To get the most out of this program follow these steps.  Each step is a tab in the Table of Contents (TOC) below the list. Be sure to print the PDF Activity Journal for each tab to record your work.

  1. Module A: Know How to Use Core Passion E-Learning
  2. Module B: Know More About MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing

If you want to watch only videos, they are listed inside the Video tab. The PDF tab lists all the PDF Activity Journal links.

Technology FAQs

Watch Video – Technology FAQs

Q: How do I open the other tabs? Where do I find them?
A: Find the words Module A under the Table of Contents. It is the active tab. The other tabs are listed to the right of Module A. You can click or touch the other tabs to view their content. Note the active tab is white with black letters while the other tabs are a light gray with dark gray letters.

Q: How do I read about each of the sections on a tab? I only see a “+” and a title.
A: Click on the “+” or the title to drop-down and show the information. Note that after you click the “+” it turns into a “-“. To hide the information again, simply click the “-” to shrink the section back to a title only.

Q: How do I download the PDF?
A: Click on the red words to open a new tab or window with the PDF. Note that when you hover over the red words they will turn gold showing that you can click on them for a link.

Q: How do I play a video?
A: Click on the title slide or the play button of the video to start playing the video. Note that you can make the video window full screen by clicking the bottom right icon on the window (window outline icon). Clicking this icon again or pressing the ESCAPE key (esc) returns the screen to its original size.

Q: What do the red icons mean?
A: Look for an icon to find things you need to do. For example, printing a PDF has a printer icon , watching a video has an eye icon , and completing an activity has a star icon .

Q: Where do I take the Core Passion Assessment?
A:  The Core Passion Assessment web app is located on on the My Core Passion portal.  To take the assessment, you will need to either be invited by a Certified Core Passion Facilitator consultant or purchase one on-line.  When you log into My Core Passion, you will see the portal home page. The colored tile with the Core Passion Assessment logo in the top left part of the screen has the words READY TO BEGIN. Click the MORE button to see an additional window on the right (or below if you have a mobile device.) Click BEGIN to begin the assessment. Be sure to print out your 21 page report to use as a reference as you complete the activities.  See more details below in Module A, Core Passion Assessment.

Q: Where do I purchase the MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing program?
A:  Click MORE button below to navigate to the sales page for the program.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the right BUY NOW offer for you.


Table of Contents

Module A

Know How to Use Core Passion E-Learning

OBJECTIVE: Do you know how you learn best? Learning how to learn saves you time and applies the new information and skills more effectively. This Module gives you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of online e-learning on

PDF Activity Journal

Click here to download your PDF for Module A.  You may want to print it and save it in a 3-ring binder along with the other modules.

Look for red star icons inside each module to know when to go to your PDF Activity Journal to complete an activity. Each activity has a number and title to make it easier for you to find in the PDF.

Introduction to Core Passion E-Learning

Watch Video – Know How to Use Core Passion E-Learning

Need clarity?  Learn how to learn.

In this module, you will learn:

  1. Technology Skills. You learned about technology skills with the Technology FAQs section above the Table of Contents on this page.
  2. How to Take the Core Passion Assessment. The Core Passion Assessment is a prerequisite for the MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing program.
  3. Three Ways to Learn.  You have three options for a workflow to learn the contents of the Core Passion e-learning programs.
  4. How to Take a Magnetic Sales Assessment.  Each module ends with a self-assessment called the Magnetic Sales Assessment to gauge your confidence with the material.

Core Passion Assessment

Watch Video – Taking the Core Passion Assessment

Activity #A1 – Take the Core Passion Assessment

Complete the following steps for the Core Passion Assessment.  Note that you will need about 30 minutes to complete the process.

  1.  Consultant.  If you are working with a consultant, they will send you an invitation email. Find your Core Passion Assessment invitation in your email.  Click the link to open a browser window and navigate to The system will have you register a new ID or login with an existing one. Be sure to use the same email address that received the invitation when you create your ID. This is how the system knows that you have paid.
  2.  On-line.  If you purchased the Core Passion Assessment on-line from our website, the system will have you register with an ID right away. After confirming your payment, you will see the MY CORE PASSION portal.


  1. My Core Passion.  After you buy and log in, the system brings you to the My Core Passion portal.  Look for the Core Passion Assessment logo on a colored tile on the top left of the page.  It says READY TO BEGIN.  Click MORE then on the right screen click BEGIN to begin the assessment.
  2. Logged out? Log back into and click NEXT on the home page to return to your MY CORE PASSION portal.


  1. Demographics.  Answer the demographics questions.  Your answers are kept private and used for research to improve the assessment.
  2. Statements.  The assessment has 240 statements for you to rate.  Note the audio buttons that will read the statement to you as well as the directions or other text on the page.
  3. Scale.  Select a rating response between 1 to 7 for each statement. Note that you need to click on a number to view the rating description. You can click on another number to view its description.
  4. Dictionary.  For each statement there is a dictionary meaning at the bottom of the page for your reference.
  5. Advance to next statement.  Click NEXT to navigate to the next statement.  After you click FINISH on the last statement, you will return to your MY CORE PASSION portal and the system will start creating your report.


  1. Report. The system tallies your results and creates a PDF report.  It will display a screen message showing progress.
  2. Download PDF.  The system will automatically download your report.  Check your downloads list in your browser or on your computer for the file.
  3. View and Print PDF.  Open the PDF to view your results. Be sure to print the PDF to use with your e-learning program.
  4. Print Later. If you want to print your report again or print it later, simply log into, click NEXT to go to your MY CORE PASSION portal. Now, click MORE on the Core Passion Assessment tile.  On the right side of the page (or below if you are on a mobile device) click on the REPORT button to download a PDF.


  1. Core Passion Profile.  This page has a multi-color bar chart with your scores.  The top five codes are the color bars, the rest are gray.  You will use this often as you work on your Activity Journal.
  2. How to get the most out of this report. Page 2 of the PDF outlines how to work with all the information in this 21 page report.
  3. Core Passion Matrix.  This page lists all 12 Core Passion codes with their illustrations.  It is a good reference page to know more about the codes.
  4. Quick Study Guide.  This page lists all 12 codes and a summary of their meanings.  You will use this page often as you work on your Activity Journal.

Three Ways to Learn

Watch Video – Three Ways to Learn

You can change the process to complete the e-learning program to match your learning style and how much time you have available.

The three options include:

  1. Watch videos.  Navigate to the Videos tab and watch the videos in order.  This is a fast way to skim the material for a first-time through.
  2. Watch videos + read web page.  Watch the videos as they appear as you read the sections of the web page for each module.  This gives you more information and takes a deeper dive.
  3. Videos, web page, and PDF Activity Journal. Start with the web page and print the Activity Journal for each module.  Follow along in the PDF Journal as you watch videos on the web page.  This gives you the most opportunity for learning thoroughly.

Activity #A2 – Three Ways to Learn

Magnetic Sales Assessment

Watch Video – Taking a Magnetic Sales Assessment

You change what you measure. The MAGNETIC SALES ASSESSMENT section has three questions per module for you to self-assess your progress. Your score shows how ready you are to continue to the next module.

  1. Open PDF Activity Journal. You can find the Magnetic Sales Assessments in your PDF Activity Journal at the end of each module.
  2. Rate statements. You will need to rate three statements on a scale of 1 to 7 where 1 is no belief and 7 is complete belief.
  3. Total score. After you rate the statements, add up the numbers for a total score for the module.  If your total is less than 15, you may need to review the material or activities again.

Activity #A3 – Magnetic Sales Assessment

Module B

Know More About MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing

OBJECTIVE:  Earn what you are worth. This program is complete with the objectives you need so you can quickly learn the secrets and the skills to become magnetic when selling your products and services.

Module B PDF Activity Journal

Click here to download your PDF for Module B.  You may want to print it and save it in a 3-ring binder along with the other modules.


Watch Video – Introduction

Are you ready to Earn What You are Worth?
Only 10% of sales people are earning what they are worth. The challenging issue with sales is that 10% of the sales force makes over 80% of the sales in almost every industry.

WHY? because only 10% of the sales people are magnetic, authentic, confident, and passionate. This leaves 90% of the sales force feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck, and angry. They say their biggest problems are:

  1. Not earning what they are worth
  2. No sales training
  3. Too much competition
  4. Not enough prospects
  5. Lost their “mojo”
  6. No magic – no spark – no inspiration
  7. No magnetic skills

So. . . Are you ready to up your game to amazing?

If you are going join the top 10% and be seen as really successful, you must find ways to:

  1. Get back in the game
  2. Reconnect with who you are and what you want
  3. Activate your passion
  4. Work with a successful mentor
  5. Learn new skills, Become magnetic

The good news is there are many excellent programs available for you get back in the game. You can learn to master your sales pitch, assess your strengths and weaknesses, dress for success, use contact management systems and business coaches. These programs have been around for many years helping lots of frustrated salespeople.

However, with all of these programs available, the sales statistics still appears to remain the same 10/90 ratio of sales and marketing success. We believe it’s time to change the 10/90 ratio by doing something different, powerful, unique and magnetic.

Did you know the new gold standard in sales and marketing today is PASSION. Did you know the energy of passion becomes magnetic? Passionate magnetic energy draws people, opportunities, and profits into your life?

The secret formula to our Magnetic Sales & Marketing program is activating and applying your personal passion to build magnetic relationships.

First, you learn the value of building a magnetic relationship with yourself – knowing who you are.

From there you build magnetic relationships with your company and your customers.

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

Our Magnetic Sales and Marketing program is complete with clear understandable objectives that you can master so you can quickly apply the secrets and the skills to become magnetic when selling your products and services.

To make it easy, this program is divided into three sections – PASSION, VISION, and ACTION.

Each section contains three magnetic Modules for a total of nine modules.

In the PASSION section, the three modules are:
1. KNOW Your Self
2. KNOW Your Customer
3. KNOW Your Company’s Brand Promise.

In the VISION section, the three modules are:
4. KNOW Your Company’s Vision
5. KNOW Your Personal Success Vision
6. KNOW Your Products and Services.

And in the ACTION section the three modules are
7. KNOW Your Timelines
8. KNOW Your Industry’s Environment
9. KNOW Your Future

We embedded our 60 plus combined years of personal and professional expertise in sales & marketing with all of the key elements of what we use to magnetize our clients to us. Today we are very excited to share our powerful magnetic sales and marketing program with you to mentor your success.

If you can imagine yourself being in the top 10% of successful salespeople, take action to become magnetic.

It’s your time! Learn today – succeed tomorrow!

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Watch Video – Knowledge

The KNOWLEDGE section of each module is what you need to know about that module in order to build the Magnetic Skill. In the KNOWLEDGE section, you will learn new information about the topic of that module which leads to a new perspective.

Here are samples from two different modules of what you will discover in this program.

In Module 1: Know Your Self, you learn the first key to being a magnetic salesperson is to know more about who you are from the inside out. Module 1 is designed to bring awareness to your top driving energies that show up day after day in everything you do. You will know WHY you do what you do. You use this language to become more magnetic when selling and marketing who you are as you do what you do.

In Module 2: Know Your Customer, you learn about effective communication. You will look at the three levels of listening and why it’s important to develop this essential skill. You will also learn about the two parts to a successful sales presentation – the first part is the conscious level where your language must be clear, focused and educational. And the second part which most people don’t know is the subconscious level which is the subtle message of human energy that you convey.

Magnetic Skill

Watch Video – Magnetic Skill

The MAGNETIC SKILL section is what you need to develop to become magnetic. It explains how to use the new Knowledge you have acquired to create a new magnetic skill.  These new skills guide you become more magnetic as a sales person and persuasive magnetic speaker.

For example, In Module 2: Know Your Customer, to learn what your customer really needs, you must watch them, talk with them, and listen to them. You must be sure you understand their concerns and overall business issues. You learn two ways to view every element of your business from your customer’s perspective.

First – stand in your customer’s shoes. You learn to describe your ideal customer right down to their shoes. Second – see through your customer’s eyes. In understanding your customer, you will better know how to respond with your own action and activities. This presence of understanding alters the way you behave. When you learn this magnetic skill, your customers will be magnetized to respond with yes, I want to buy!

Passion in Action

Watch Video – Passion in Action

The PASSION IN ACTION section shows you how to apply the newly acquired Knowledge and Magnetic Skill to sales and marketing. The applications give you a practical way to practice and apply the knowledge and skills to become a magnetic leader in your industry. You learn how use your personal passion energy to create a magnetic flow streamlining your operations and improving your efficiency.

For example, In Module 7: Know Your Timelines, you learn how to use the Magnetic Sales Funnel to improve your process which results in saving time and money to get to the sale quicker. Starting with the end in mind and working backward from the completion of your successful sales vision, you learn the meaning of this quote,

”First see the fire, and then strike the match.”

Magnetic Sales Assessment

Watch Video – Magnetic Sales Assessment

The MAGNETIC SALES ASSESSMENT is designed to measure your level of belief that the knowledge and magnetic skill you learned has value for you. You can learn something new, however, if you don’t believe what you’ve learned, you will never be able to develop the skills to apply the knowledge.

Each section has three questions per module for you to self-assess your progress. Your score measures your belief and how ready you are to continue to the next module.

Let the Adventure begin…

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Watch these videos in order for a quick view of the module’s content.


Watch Video – Technology FAQs

Module A

Watch Video – Know How to Use Core Passion E-Learning

Watch Video – Taking the Core Passion Assessment

Watch Video – Three Ways to Learn

Watch Video – Taking a Magnetic Sales Assessment

Module B

Watch Video – Introduction

Watch Video – Knowledge

Watch Video – Magnetic Skill

Watch Video – Passion in Action

Watch Video – Magnetic Sales Assessment


Click on a link below to download the PDF. Each module in the MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing program has a PDF with all the content and activities with space to record your notes and results.